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About darling & wild, florists in Tunbridge Wells

Growing up in the wilds of North Wales and Shropshire and with a love of anything quirky (current obsessions: taxidermy and zinc) my style is as nature intended – brimming with interest and textures.  Think of moss, lichen-covered twigs, seedheads and blossom, succulents and airplants.  I am passionate about flowers, their colours and movement. A born forager and hoarder, my approach is naturalistic, focusing on enhancing the natural  wild beauty of every flower.  My heart rules my head and I’d rather use fewer exquisite flowers than more of the less pretty.  I confess to not being a fan of Gerbera and dread the Martini vase  (unless filled with gin – with twist of lemon, or an olive if you will).

Darling & Wild blossomed back in 2004, since then I have had the pleasure of providing wedding flowers for lots of lovely couples in Kent and Sussex , I was thrilled to be a regional finalist in the Wedding Indutstry Awards 2015 and shortlisted in the  National UK Wedding Awards 2016.  My studio is my indulgence where I share my knowledge and experience and immerse myself in my work.  Darling & Wild bespoke florist is the go-to place in Tunbridge Wells to pick up an exquisite bouquet, interesting plants and objets trouve.